Chimpanzees in Context


With generous support from the Arcus Foundation we were able to cover the costs of registration, travel, and accommodation for five ape-range country nationals to attend Chimpanzees in Context where they will present their research to an international audience. We received many excellent applications for this scholarship and we are proud to announce our five winners:

Dr. Caroline Asiimwe, Budongo Conservation Field Station, Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda
Dr. Asiimwe works to identify and mitigate threats to chimpanzee health, particularly those associated with human impacts on the chimpanzees’ habitat. At Chimpanzees in Context, Dr. Asiimwe will present an ePoster entitled Transdisciplinary Approach to Solving Conservation Challenges: A Case of Budongo Conservation Field Station, Uganda

Dr. Umaru Buba, Gashaka Primate Project, Gashaka-Gumti National Park, Nigeria
Dr. Buba studies the ecology of the Nigerian-Cameroon chimpanzee, the most endangered chimpanzee subspecies, with an aim to conserving it. At Chimpanzees in Context, Dr. Buba will present an ePoster entitled Constructing Social Identity? Potential Non-nutritional Functions of Chimpanzee Insectivory

Dr. Deus Mjungu, Jane Goodall Institute Gombe Stream Research Center, Tanzania
Dr. Mjungu researchers the influence of ecological and social factors on chimpanzees’ sociality and territoriality. At Chimpanzees in Context, Dr. Mjungu will present an ePoster entitled Fighting Back: Population Recovery and Expansion of the Range Size of the Mitumba Chimpanzee Community in Gombe National Park, Tanzania

Dr. Emily Otali, Kibale Chimpanzee Project, Kibale National Park, Uganda
Dr. Otali conducts behavioral studies of chimpanzees and aids chimpanzee conservation through the Kibale Snare Removal Project. At Chimpanzees in Context, Dr. Otali will present an ePoster entitled Holistic Conservation Approach for Kibale National Park, Uganda

Moreen Uwimbabazi, Department of Zoology, Makerere University, Uganda
Moreen Uwimbabazi is a PhD candidate at Makerere University where her research focuses on the nutritional ecology of chimpanzees from the Kanyawara chimpanzee community that live in Kibale National Park, Uganda. At Chimpanzees in Context she will present an ePoster entitled Seasonal Variation in Energy Intake of Female Chimpanzees: Comparing Estimates Based on Time Spent Feeding Versus Nutrient Intake



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