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Chicago is a great city for those to love to eat, filled with world-class restaurants of all types. Some great resources for finding restaurants: Users can rate and review restaurants (and other services) in the city. Search by food type, neighborhood, or restaurant name. Similar to, users rate and review restaurants in Chicago. Chicago information, local news and public interest stories.

Check out the Venue section for restaurants close to Lincoln Park Zoo. If you are willing to venture outside of the Lincoln Park neighborhood, there is an extensive list of our favorite restaurants on the IPS/ASP 2016 Conference website: 

Please remember that tipping your server is expected. 15-20% of your bill is customary, though if your service was bad, a 10% is a way to indicate your displeasure. You can leave cash, or add your tip to your credit card. In bars, $1 per drink is customary.

Note: if your tip says “gratuity included” that means the tip has already been added in, and you do not need to add any further tip. This is usually done for large groups, though sometimes gratuity is routinely added in high-traffic tourist areas.

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